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Fine Art Photography by Paul Berriff

Member of The Fine Art Trade Guild 

Member of The Guild Society of Artists 

Member of National Union of Journalists


As well as pursuing his television career Paul is also a fine art photographer. He still shoots with film cameras that he used back in the 1960s. Paul still prefers to shoot on monochrome film but also uses a Canon full frame digital camera for his colour projects.

Paul has a vast exclusive photographic collection of 1960s rock stars which he took during his early years as a photographer. These images have been exhibited around the world in Carnegie Hall New York, San Francisco, Memphis, Prague, Dubai and London as well as Salts Mill in Yorkshire - the home of David Hockney's work. Many of Paul Berriff's photographs have been purchased by the world's leading musicians and his extremely rare limited editions are available to purchase. Many of these  include The Beatles on their first two live tours of the UK. The CEO of The Beatles Story in LIverpool said "Paul Berriff's photographs are the best I've seen of The Beatles at that time in their career."


Paul's photographic collection also includes many of the legends of the 60s including The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix.  See shop photographs.

Paul also specializes in photographing dramatic  coast scenes and landscapes both in the UK and around the world - all produced and signed in limited editions   See shop photographs.

To let viewers and readers into the world behind the camera Paul gives frequent exciting talks with visual and audio presentations of his work through the decades including his four near death experiences. 


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